"Harold’s name will be recognised around the world in the years to come. There are some occasions when you listen to an album and each of the songs on there are ones which you instantly love. This latest record by the wonderfully talented Harold Allen is destined to receive multiple CMA nominations.

Of the albums ten tracks, it is very difficult to choose the best one, but Jack Daniels is a prime example. An all-round brilliant tune, it is tongue-in-cheek at times but so is the opening track as well. Hold Me Now begins incredibly well and this continues throughout. With a driving groove, it crosses over into pop markets at times and this should help to bring attention to Harold here in the UK.

The remainder of the record is too good for words. With a mixture of Americana and bona-fide country that’s combined together with such ease you could be mistaken for thinking Harold has been in country music for generations. This second album by Harold Allen is spellbinding; long may he continue."   

- Russell Hill
Maverick Magazine, UK

"The Live album Harold Allen recorded at Arlene's Grocery is one of the coolest country music events to happen to NYC in a very long time"

- M. Martinez, Talent in Motion Magazine

"With this album, its clear that Harold Allen has honed his skills as a songwriter while developing a style that incorporates sounds reminiscent of the greats like Waylon, Willie Nelson and LeDoux. Country Love brings a freshness to the genre."

- Dan Harr, Music News Nashville

"Opening for Rimes is country singer and songwriter Harold Allen. 'I've been a huge fan of hers ever since she hit the scene,' Allen says. 'The fact that she's still around and still making music is fantastic.' He says he admires the various career moves Rimes has made. He's not only looking forward to hearing her show, but to hopefully having her hear his show.As for his sound, Allen describes his latest album, 'Country Love,' as 'mainstream, in-your-face country music' with 'catchy, heartfelt lyrics.' Allen is one of those country singers who writes his own songs. The Nebraskan says his music is meaningful to him because it's about the people and places he cares about. 'Nebraska's been a big influence in just about everything I do,' he says. 'I've got a lot of Midwestern influence in my music. I guess we're all shaped by the music we listen to.'"

- Brian Passey, The Spectrum